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2 5700xt or 1 3070?

So, I’m considering either, buying another rx 5700xt, OR buying a 3070. 3070 would be more power efficent, but get a lower hashrate on almost all algorithms compared to 2 5700’s. I have cheap power so thats not a huge issue, but also 5700’s could get massive price drops when 7000 series and 4000 series budget cards come out.

30 series is miles ahead of 5000 series amd gpus in terms of profitability and coins you can mine

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Thats what i was thinking. probbably going to sell my 5700 xt and buy a 3070. Do you think i need to price it lower since it seems to have heat issues? Although it was the amd software auto OC’ing it to something like 20% core and increasing the power by like 30% also, it is in a area without alot of airflow (in a tv stand thingy with doors that were slightly opend. it was pretty warm in there lol)

id throw it in a tower and run some benchmarks with static fan speeds and such and make sure everything is good, and advertise it that way. unless it still runs hot then be upfront about it. theyre not going for much anyway so doubtful it would impact price much either way

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Alright. what would you reccomend running? I played ark on it yesterday, and the only thing is its slightly loud. When amds dang software isnt trying to oc it, it works just fine. Seems like powercolors 5700’s are know for loud fans lol. Ive seen 2 or 3 listings of them that are like “loud fan” so i guess thats pretty common. also would buying a blower style 3070 be a bad idea lol.

standard gpu benchmarks like furmark/heaven/timespy etc etc. Blower will run warmer but should be fine for mining as you’re not maxing them out anyway

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Alright. Now a good time to buy 3070’s, or wait for 4060/4050’s to come out for (hopefully) lower prices?

Those cards are don’t even have any solid rumors yet, so up to you. They’ll probably be bandwidth limited like the 4070ti, so may be worse for mining some coins than 30 series.

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Alright. gonna do furmark on it. Should i do anything special or just let it do everything stock?

Your choice, might need to up the fan curve if the default isn’t agressive enough

alright. hoping it dosent artifact :slightly_frowning_face:

Alright! it ran FHD went to 68C and no artifacts :smiley: scored 6616 completely stock. Time to list it ig! the only thing is one of the fans is kinda squeaky, so i guess ill just say “has squeaky fan” also, uh your probbably going to be hearing me cry about how i was expecting 31.5 mh/s on kawpow instead of 31.4 on my 3070 :laughing: will try not to bug you