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(2) 5700xt (4) rx 580 - 232.9mh/s stable

Hey guys, so i’ve been lurking around for a few weeks now and slowly building up my first rig. Of course couldn’t find any 3 series nvidias or 5000/6000 series amd’s, but had some luck sourcing 580’s and vega’s. I feel like i’ve tweaked my setup to a pretty solid hashrate so far. Nothing is bios modded and only tweaks i’m running are in hiveos. The whole setup is pulling 805w from the wall.

Wanted to see if anybody could give some input on if there’s anymore to be pulled. Once everything is stable on these settings, i’m planning to bios mod them. Pretty happy with the hashrate so far and everything’s been tested and tweaked ( the broken areas in the graph above are the tweaks. so far up 4 hours with no stale shares or fluctuation in temps ).

PS Thanks for everyone that posts. This forum has been an amazing resource and i’ve learned so much from everyone.

I am so looking forward to Intel entering, then dominating, the graphics card market. Hopefully they will not be stupid enough to destroy the utility of a product once they have sold it, as was nVidia.

Those are impressively low wattage numbers. That seems to be a very sustainable rig.

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