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1st AMD GPU hands in incorrect shares

Hi Guys,

I have an interesting one on hand. My first AMD GPU in my rig hands in invalid shares. It does not matter in which order the GPUs are, it is always the first one. I have checked the following:

  1. Risers
  2. OC
  3. GPU

Any ideas?


maybe memory clock is too high, try 1900mhz

Even with the lower memory clock, the 1st GPU submits incorrect shares. And it is always the 1st one. Even if I swap them around and it is one of 470s, the 1st one submits incorrect shares.

The GPU OCs are actually fine with 50MHz more, but I prefer the rig more stable as I am away often.

I can definately confirm that it is not an OC issue, riser issue or GPU issue.

So to make things even more interesting, I took out the NVidia GPU, and now it is the second AMD GPU handing in incorrect shares (all same settings, only GPU removed). So is it perhaps the second GPU in the system that hands in incorrect shares?


I think this issue may be related to the motherboard. I replaced the motherboard and the issue is gone.