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1660ti Randomly drops out in hiveos, hashrate reduces only reboot fixes

Looking for some help please :slight_smile: Cannot figure this out after days of trouble shooting :frowning:

6 x 1660ti
version009 risers
GA-H110-D3A Motherboard
2 power supplies one sfx one standard
Celeron g3900
8gb ram single channel
Wireless internet connection using a extender and a ethernet cable to mb

The problem is sometimes I have a card stop mining and I lose all stats for the card except hive OS still thinks the card is there, hash rate does reduce though, sometime red box sometimes no red box, no error messages as of recently just a lower hash rate because that card stops mining

The only thing that fixes this is a reboot

Sometimes when I reboot the SSD does not get detected but the motherboard and it gets stuck in a boot loop, when checking in bios the SSD is sometimes not there but will re appear again, this SSD is brand new

Things tried
Swapped risers, swapped cards, re- seated everything, cmos reset, firstrun command and re set up, lower overclocks, changed miners

Now this just happened ? :open_mouth: It rebooted and went back to normal again

Anyone had this similar issue before ?

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