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1660s wont let me PL


i have a 12 card rig of 1660s. My issue is 2 of them want to draw 125w in hive and will give me a orange warning that i cant apply powerlimit…

have 2x1800w psus with 6 cards on each, no splitters, B250 mobo cards connected to A and B.

Any ideas?

Its both hynix mem with modded bios

Use a locked core clock to control the power draw

Tried, pulls 125 stock & with 1000-1200 core :confused:

Is 1000mhz the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate?

I havet tried it lower. I can powerlimit it @90w it gives me an error but keeps hashing and eventually crashes, last time in about 15 mins

Tried trex & lolminer

Try it lower.

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