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1660s only get 28MH!

Hi… My 1660s only max 28MH!!!

Any idea how to boost to 31MH


Set Core to 1000 and delete PL.

1000 -1004 remove PL
Still 28MH!

u got latest bios for that hynix cards… wont get past that the hashrates… … if you got the courage… try the palit bios in 1 card and see how it goes…

I have try more than 20 OC combinations that I read from this forum and still stuck with 28MH

I think the last resort is to Flash Latest BIOS and see what happen
Since it is a Brand new card, I will tallk to Distributor first and hopefully donot void the warranty

My friend 1660S Hynix 31MH BIOS 90.16.4F.00.02

My 1660s Hynix BIOS is 90.16.5A.00.23 is later version from above
but only get 28MH

So I download my friend bios and upload to HIVEOS
Then I Flash my Bios via HiveOS (I did backup my bios)

Test Flash 1 card. Successful and Reboot. BUTTTTTT
GPU 0 RAM Change from Hynix to Samsung!!!

I am shock!!! HiveOS Crash!!

now HiveOS cannot boot up

any solution?

put the backuped flash back into the card and then after reboot … 1050 core 2200 mem …

I try to flash back old version but problem is
Hive wont boot up if the card is intallled!
Once I remove from mainboard Hive works fine

it seem the card need to go back to service centre

Yesterday I install the card to Windows and it still running
and I flash using PALIT BIOS. Successful!
but when i plug it in to Hive os, it detect BAD Card and hang!

Later i bought new card Gigabyte 1660s
Guest what, I still get 28MH!!
Then I realize both Colorful & MSI
have the same BIOS with 90.16.5A..

I read thru from this forum most BIOS is 90.16.4F..

Recommended MSI BIOS is 90.16.4F..
Later I will try flash it again
and hopefully it works!

Hynix GDDR6 · 90.16.5A.00.23
1050 core 2200 mem = 30.71Mhz (49° - 84w )

try 1100 core 3000 mem

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