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1660s hynix High temp

Hello, my OC is set to 1660s hynix core 950 mem - 1004. I have temperatures of 40-42 degrees on all cards, and 55-57 degrees on one. What could be the reason. Thermopads were replaced.

Fan at 100%? Is the card getting any hot air from other cards?

The fans on this card are at 90% and it is set further than the other cards, it is 53 degrees. The rest of the cards are set closer and closer and the fans are 70% and the temperature is 40-43

Try switching the cards location with the lowest temp card and see if it improves.

I already swapped that, even increased the gap between the cards. And the temperature rose by 3 degrees. And the same card was 39 degrees there. :rofl:

If the power draw is similar and models are the same I would redo the thermal paste on the problem card.

Sub 60c isn’t hot though, but wouldn’t hurt to get it in it’s best shape before summer temps come.

Thank You :grinning:. As for OC are you any other offered to check?

for stock bios thats fine, if you flash the palit bios you can get ~35mh with normal positive memory offsets on those