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1660s Hynix 37mhs

Today, on the Russian forum, we posted a new bios for video cards with fixed timings. Previously, we reduced the memory frequency -1004.
But as for me, it is better to use not such a strong overclocking and 36 hashes will be enough
I will attach the firmware files
If I helped you, if you can, help me too
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usdt trc20 TGtMcWA9H9DzcFdT29nQ9HNp3rQFRd6ZWf


MSI vBios
Palit vBios
Cards from other vendors can be flashed too, but there may be problems, such as: the temperature is not displayed, overclocking works poorly


16 downloads, any news yet ?? :smiley:

I have mostly PNY…thats i`m woried. no palit or msi…

i downloaded yet and are working

Did power user rise?
What is real brand of your GPU??

Had to check it…

i didnt understanded the first phrase;
the brand is PALIT, im testing in the x16 motherboard

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In my case, this is palit dual

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Both are Palit bought in the begining of August. Power usage increased about 10W per GPU. First GPU have mem 2200, because on 2400-2500 mem made errors.


Hi, I have EVGA 1660S and I tried the 2 bios on an X16 port but it doesn’t flash anything, do you have any idea?

BIOS update its only for MSI and PALIT

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Nothing to Asus 1660 Super TUF 3 with Hynix memory?

There is several model of MSI GTX1660 Super, but it only allows to update vBIOS for “1462.C758” model which is " GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING X".
Have anyone tried to force update to other model of MSI? For instance, single fan model?

You can, but you must make a bios backup before flash. Also, after flashing another video card model, you may encounter problems: such as not displaying the temperature, fan speed and card consumption. Remember, when making firmware on another card model, you do it at your own risk. Also, some people say that they managed to flash 1660ti and it began to issue 32 hashes miningclub

Thanks for your comment Iveq.
I’m aware that there is risk, but I also wanted to know if anyone actually tried to force update to model other than GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING X. I have several MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER AERO ITX OC, and still unsure I should try or not.

@iveq and @jedi - can i get some more information please on your cards? Are they 1660 Super single ? Or Dual? What is your serial for Hynix ram? Are these the OC edition?
Thank You

Palit Dual, not oc. 90.16.4F.40.08 previous

Thanks - Sorry - I meant to say… what is your model code : 6166SS18J9-1160A-1??
Thank You

Anyone know what’s changed in the BIOS’s?

I’d like to mod my Gigabyte 1660 Supers with Hynix

I can confirm that Palit bios works on Zotac Twin Fan and Pny Dual Fan models without any problem on Windows.
Absolute core 1080 Memory +1300 brings me ~36.3 MH/s and power consumption is 88W.
Thanks for sharing.

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Has anyone tested w/ flashing in hiveOS directly with the Palit BIOS?

Has anyone tested the PNY Single fan 1660 super?