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1660s Hynix - 33.38 MH/s vs 31.80 mh/s - OC Settings and GPU Health

Sup Guys.
I have currently two options of Overclock, but since the 1660s don’t have mem temp sensor, i’m kinda of worried.

  1. OC: “-1004 Mem / PL 75” @ 31.6 MH/s - 75W.
  2. OC: “-100 Clock / 2700 Mem / PL 80” @ 33.38MH/s - 83W.

Obs: The temperatures remained almost the same after applying the settings (1º or 2º more on the 33.38), pay no attention to it. I Just changed fan settings from one day to another and temp here oscilates a lot. So, consider the same temp.

Would the 33.38mh settings damage the memory more? Since 2700 is a strong OC, supposedly…
I’m not sure if the 1.50mh/s would be worth the stress on the GPU memory. Any opinions?

I’ve recently backed off all my strong OC for the same reason…

Ruther be sure I’m not killing them for the sake of a few extra hash’s

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