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1660 ti Rig crashing on trex miner

Hi, my rig is made up of 12 nvidia 1660 ti cards, they had been working fine for 2 months until two hive OS updates ago, we used phoenix miner and every time we installed the update after a few hours of working normally a psu would turn off completely, After not updating it so that this would not happen the phoenix miner did not stop restarting, so we decided to change to t-rex miner in case it was a problem with the config, but now it turns off shortly after turning it on, it seems to start normal but it turns off one or another card, and then the whole rig, do you know what the problem could be?
This how my miner looks like on hive os

I thing your problem is your CPU (has LA 22) … U run hive os through USB stick?
Or you have change through update the driver for Nvidia…

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