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1660 super problem efficiency decrease

I hope you can help me, for a while I have been mining in the phoenixminer pool at 100% efficiency, after almost a week my efficiency has dropped to 96%, currently I have changed pool to t-rex, my efficiency low to 97%, my OC Core: 930, MEM: -1004, PL:0; I do not have invalid shares but I would like to know if I can have a 100% efficiency? My gpu model is Galax 1600 super x3 and MSI Ventus 1660 super x1 both have hynix mem, thanks guys.

What did you mean (efficiency) ?
Stale shares , invalids?


I’m talking about that efficiency, it starts at 100% but drops to 96% after hours

For invalids shares always fault the OC setting…(Aggressive OC ) for stale shares Your connection to pool… What is your problem ? the first or the second…?

Well, I cannot see invalid shares, I have changed from phoenixminer to trex, with the same results, do you think it is my internet connection? I am from Perú, latinamerica

Phoenix and trex its miners… there is nothing to do if you have stale shares… Only the pool is responsible for stale shares… (check with ping latency inside your flight sheet)
This foto is from hiveon pool…

Check what server has the lowest ping in msecond

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