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1660 super crashing with a error sign while using kawpow in hiveos

I have 10 1660 super and 2 1660 but every time I use Kawpow to mine (ZIL) after a couple of hours it crashes with an error message on it. I can’t relaunch I have to force it to shut down so it can go back online. it only said error no device found 4 out of my Rizer shut off along with all my GPUs all the fans stop, moving

reduce oc each crash. repeat until stable

but wish one because they all have a different OC remember I have 12 GPUs 10 1660 super, 6 from MSI, and 4 from Zotac and the last 2 are 1660 regular and they are also from Zotac any suggestions ??

Check the logs and see which one is acting up, or try lowering all and work one up at a time

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it just happen just so u can see what I was referring

keep lowering ocs

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