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1660 super, any idea for lower consumption?

Any idea for lower consumption? I seen lot of picture about 1660s and i seen 70-75w, but these settings didnt worked for my cards. Any idea or it’s just impossible.

With Hynix I have these settings.

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Around 80 is good, some cards just need a tad more power than others….you try removing the power limit and see what it goes to. With GPU absolute core clock above +500 you don’t need the PL setting

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hi, i have core: 1000 / mem -1004 pl 75 and i have 31.82 and 73w.

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Yeah same here, GPU core at 1000 for mine and I’m getting from 72-77 for most of my 1660 Supers with Hynix memory.

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Set the power limit to 90W and use 1050 core clock. This way you will see the maximum hashrate you can achieve.
Now reduce core in increments of 15 until you can see the hashrate drops. Go back 15, now you have found the sweetspot of your card.
As mentioned before, wattage can change.

I have 2 evGa 1660 super with Hynix memory. Both do 31.8 MH but one needs 86 and the other one 75W.
So yeah, that’s the silicon lottery.

Up to you if you go full hashrate or prefer less wattage along with lower hashrate.

My cards sit at locked core between 735 and 750, as a reference for you to try.


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