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1660 Super and 1070ti used to give 30+mhs but now only 23-28mhs. Anyone know why?

I changed one of the cooling fans on the rig did I notice that I had lower than normal hashrates for the past several days now. The 2x 1660 super and the 1070ti usually gave me above 30mhs hashrate but now they are giving out lower numbers. Now only 23-28mhs. The 3060ti seems to be running fine though. Is this a software issue? I tried using an older version of T-rex miner and it got worse. The 1660 supers only gave out 10mhs. Any help would be appreciated

try one card at a time and fine tune the OC and see if its a card issue/riser issue/software issue etc.

you should also be using locked core clocks instead of offsets on all of your 16 and 30 series cards.

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