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$1500 giveaway & fee-free mining announcement

Dear Miners,

We wish to inform you that due to The Merge (Ethereum PoS) occurring and us wanting you to transition as smoothly as possible and with maximized profits, in September HeroMiners will be hosting multiple giveaways where you can win up to $1500 and any amount of coin you mine will be fully fee-free - no block reward fee, no payout fee, no hidden fees. The aforementioned bonuses will take place on RVN, ETC, ERGO and FLUX pools.

The giveaways are as follows:

  • 1x $500 to a lucky miner at any of RVN, ETC, ERG, FLUX pools,
  • 1x $250 to a lucky miner at RVN pool,
  • 1x $250 to a lucky miner at ETC pool,
  • 1x $250 to a lucky miner at ERG pool,
  • 1x $250 to a lucky miner at FLUX pool.

The giveaways will run at RVN, ETC, ERGO and FLUX starting September 1st, through September 30th 2022. The winner will be announced on October 1st 2022 and selected by drawing an address randomly from the pool of addresses. Any address can enter up to 5 times, as there will be 5 snapshots of actively mining addresses made at the pool at undisclosed dates, therefore the earlier one enters, the more chances they get. When 4 snapshots are made, an announcement will be made, stating that there’s still 1 snapshot left. It’s disallowed to enter the giveaway with multiple addresses in the same coin and anyone who violates this rule will be removed from every giveaway with a notice. Therefore it’s allowed to split one’s rigs between all 4 coins and have a chance to win $1500 in total. The amount will be converted at the time of payment to the winning address’s coin and paid out in crypto.

As for the 0 fees, it’s very simple - there will be no fee taken at any point. Whether it’s a block reward fee, Parallel Assets fee in Flux, payout fee - the miner doesn’t pay it. This again will be valid at RVN, ETC, ERGO and FLUX starting September 1st, through September 30th 2022. After that period, the fees will be set at 0.9% and payouts will be paid by the pool.

All communications will be handled at HeroMiners Discord and Telegram.

Good luck and happy mining!

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