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150 MH/s with 16w on Powercolor Vega 64!

Wow!! I feel like I just won the lottery. Seriously thought…wtf Vega?

This card has been the biggest pain in the rear. Can’t get more than 40 MH/s regularly with the stock 64 bios.

I tried flashing different Vega 56 versions (Powercolor, AMD and XFX) and using the recommended straps from here all with Dead GPU and No Temps errors. Using TRM 8.1.

Does anyone have a 56 bios, straps and settings they used successfully to get above 50 MH/s with the Powercolor Vega 64?


@hish747 Hey m8. Vega’s are temperamental beasts, that’s for sure.

They have been giving me so much pain compared to how easily I tweak my 3080’s but I do have a soft spot for them, so I peristed and read a lot around.

Read my post here and it might help you.

Best of luck!

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