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13x AMD RX 570 cards throttled after HIVE OS upgrade

Did an HIVE OS upgrade today from 0.6-172@201104 to 0.6-203@210424

After upgrade AMD cards were throttled. Hash rates all over the place (ranging from 15 Mh/s to 25 Mh/s).

For couple years I’ve been hashing at 28 Mh/s on all 13 cards no issues running for years (previously on Claymore, now on Lolminer).

Reverted to older version of Lolminer 1.20, no success. Tried downgrading through > selfupgrade 0.6-172 command, no success.

Reinstalled HIVE Image through Image replace and an old image of > imagereplace -y [email protected]

Back up and running at 28 Mh/s on Lolminer 1.26. No idea what happened but the hive upgrade caused cards to throttle.

Just a case study. Happy mining!

If it aint broke, dont fix it.

Edit: I see your last sentence now, many AMD things were updated. For 6800 this update is gold. Might not be good for 570/80/90s.

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