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13 gpu not mining only 8 cards Asrock h110

Hi , i can only run 8 amd cards , then i connect more its not working and i get this message on screen:
filed allocating swap storage
Me motherbord is asrock H110 PRO BTC+

Can somebody help me ?

What kind of HiveOS image are you using? Stable or Bleeded Edge?

Hi , i try Bleeded Edge and everything working fine
Than i downloaded hive os i do not sow that is two different,
then you write a question , the only i sow it

What kind of storage are you using? Looks like something wrong with your storage device (flash drive, ssd).

I have the same problem. 8 GPUs work fine. With 9 GPUs no boot. The cards are RX 5700XT. 2 PSU x 1200w. Lastest Bios 1.6. Any idea what happend? Thank you.

could you fix this issue? Same here. 8 GPUs work fine, with 9 or more, it won’t boot.

  1. Disable the “CSM Support”.

Any other sugestion? I tried already.
Updated to the Last BIOS. Disabled de audio, and the CSM support. But same issue. If I put the 9th gpu it won’t boot. With 8 it works perfect.
It must be a motherboard issue/configuration.
With older cards I don’t have this problem. I have 580s and 1660tis and the 12 cards run perfectly.

Any more suggestions?

I went through this as well. You MUST have an HDMI/Monitor plugged into the GPU that’s in the PCIe x16 spot. If you dont use a monitor on the rig or it can auto shut off, then use an HDMI dummy plug.

You need to disconnect all risers and boot up with only the single GPU in the PCIe 16 slot.
Press F2 to get into the startup bios settings.
Disable CSM
Save and exit
The system will power down - you MUST kill the power before it re-boots.
Now connect all of the remaining GPUs
Make sure the card in the x16 slot is still connected to the monitor and power up the rig
You should have all cards connected
If you boot up again without the monitor on, the bios will reset and you will need to do this again

Do yourself a favor and get these to replace the monitor and never have to deal with this again:

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Hi, just to confirm, as I’m trying to replicate what you’re describing (as I’m in the same situation, can’t get byeond 9 GPUs)…

  1. Disconnect all GPU risers from the MOBO;
  2. Put a monitor dummy plug (rather than an actual monitor; I want to keep mine attached to teh MOBO) in a GPU, and connect that GPU’s riser to the x16 slot;
  3. Power on, and hit F2 for bios, disable CSM, save and exit;
  4. Kill the power;
  5. Whilst the power is off, connect the GPUs you want to use to the other slots; and then
  6. Power on.

Is that correct? I’ve been going round in circles with this for months so would be grateful for any help!

1.64 BIOS addresses some of the CSM issues, although I still have (1) board on 1.60.

  • no dummy plug or monitor on GPUx, but a DVI to HDMI adapter on the motherboard.
  • power to both Molex ports for PCI bus.
  • CSM disabled