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12x 3060. One with low MH/s

Mining in HiveOS with 12x RTX 3060 cards

One of them only 10 MH/s and using just ~50 W.
Anyone have a clue why this happens?


Try to leave empty the oc settings for this card … and see ,if its alive…!!!

it’s most likely throttling, OC too high and thermal pads and core paste need changing.

Temps are way too high, I keep mine under 50C or even under 40C.

how did you make them work in hiveos? what did you install?

I did not need to do anything else than attaching other cards

I recently started having the same exact problem except I am running my cards at lower temps. That said, I don’t think it’s thermal throttling… Any chance it’s something else happening to us? Just like @JRor my other cards seem to be perfectly happy. I get that a deviation of 4MH isn’t much at all but I’m more interested in why my TDP is reduced.

To avoid hijacking this thread I created another since the conversation with my cards may possibly go in a different direction not helping @JRor at all. Link below if interested.

Automatic TDP reduction on 1 of 4 3080s

Changed riser and problem fixed :slight_smile:

Which version of nvidia driver and miner using?? I using 460.67 NVIDIA and GMINER

26.82 MH

TEMP 58°

FAN 65%
CORE 100
VOLT 145

How you got the 3060 to give you above 40 MH/s, as I thought avoiding halve decrease in hashrate for 3060 mining eth is only possible so far on windows? Or there’s no problem mining with multiple 3060 on hiveos?

He is likely using octopus algo, not ethash

This. You can’t mine ETH efficiently with 3060 on HiveOS atm.

Just mine other coins. CFX or ravencoin etc

I mine CFX :slight_smile:
ETH only give 23 MH/s on each card

How do you get your 3060s to bypass the limiter?

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Reboot your system and lower the core / memory a littbit and turn your power up.

I use these settings for all my 3060’s:
Core 0
Memory 2250
Power 140

Getting stable 45+ mhs

No need to use any of these, this is for mining conflux with Octopus, not ethereum/Ethash

3060 is only Ethash restricted, not Octopus restricted

How did you get these results?
My 3060 12GB makes just 19 Mhs on Hive OS.

I can just get 45MHs using the windows beta driver. and NiceHash.


Is it possible to change the driver and use the 470.05?

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These hashrates are achieved mining the octopus algorithm (conflux/CFC), not Ethereum.