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[12 x 1080ti 11g] CPU Load avg - reboot

Hi all.

I’m trying to mine some Verges (XVG) with CCminer.
I use a RIG of 12 1080ti 11g NVIDIA GPU, under Hive OS.
CPU : I5, 3 Ghz

Settings :

  • CCMiner intensity 18 (on 21.4 !)
  • Version Hive 0.5-51
  • NO OC settings

And… I cannot have a stable mining system since 2 days… The CPU load avg is incredibly high and provoque reboots…

Tx in advance for your help…

Results :

Some questions :

  1. I have only 4Go RAM. I need to ad more ?
  2. The CPU load is very high, should I change the processor ?

Many tx for your future help…

Well just check the CPU load an RAM consumption in HiveOS.
Go in the Terminal (RoxTerm) and type “htop” enter.

Hi many thanks for this first answer.

The result for htop is:

Arf… a virtual memory issue? I bot on USB key only, no HDD…

Tx in advance for your collaboration.

Thats looks like the cc miner cofiguration opens to much task.
I guesss they a hundreds of 0,7 CPU Miner threads.

However i am out i do not use cc miner. Sorry

May someone can look if this is a correct behavier of ccminer?

The processor here is nothing to do with. The average CPU load averages is not a pure CPU time. This is load goes to the system as a whole

As you can see - cpu load not too high as well as memory usage.

htop - nice and beautiful, but useless in this case, since it is impossible to see the full picture of what is happening - use at least a classic top