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12 gpu right 3 days no hope - HIVEOS utter rubbish

Maybe … but ordinary this settings on different places - choose of primary adapter and disable iGFX (options - auto, enable, disable)

You can choose onboard as on photo and go by second scenario

I’m see on photo Auto for PCIE Link - it’s no good

I thought only Pcie2 needs to be Gen2 and the rest auto? Should all be gen2? I can’t find disabled IGFX anywhere within the bios options! I will set primary as onboard and try then.

Unfortunately that did not help. Dropped back to 4 cards aswel but still can get more than 7 gpu running…must be some other issue in those code.

Running five atm.

All PCIE slots should be Gen2

Disable X-Server - it’s can be done by clicking button “Tuning” and setting option “Disable GUI on boot (don’t start X server, console only, no OC for Nvidia)”

Are you sure of all your risers?
Pluggling/unplugging may have lossen one. When you have problem adding 7th, is it always on same riser?

@HaloGenius Still doesn’t seem to work, on a good note I got 8 cards running on the website portal but it just doesn’t mine been waiting 10mins and in the log when I request it just says setting DAG on claymore but doesnt run.

Getting some close!! Just doesn’t seem to read any of the last 4 cards but before inserting that 8th gpu I was running 6 gpu.

What could the issue be?


If you want I can give some time by reviewing settings and logs throw web interface or teleconsole. If “yes” write me private message .

@Bagster definitely not pcie mine, starting to think maybe my wallet info. If you don’t mind can you share ur stats? These are mine.

If you get stuck on DAG creation - then I suspect on too strong undervoltage… Try running them without Aggressive undervoltage… Check /var/log/amd-oc.log and see if all cards get configured or process gets stuck on some of the cards…

Excuse me, what is the detailed setting of your power supply and overclocking settings?
Is it possible, just a simple parameter setting to cause problems?

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