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12 GPU Power Supply

Hi all,
Need an advice please. I am building 12x 1080Ti rig
Can you tell me how much power supply I really need,
what to pay attention on if multiple PSU required. Using
Asrock H110 Pro MBO


In my opinion, you’ll have to plan for (12)x200W per GPU, (1x)200W for the motherboard. 80% power efficiency, 3100W+

They make 3200-3600W power supplies with ATX 24 pins, lots of 6+2 PCI, and a few molex connectors which the H110 Pro needs to power the PCIe bus. They are the size of (2) ATX power supplies. Short of that supply, plan for (3) ATX supplies.

fwiw: I am running a rig of 4/5xx AMDs on the same board with dual 1000’s, but less GPUs and less per GPU requirements to keep it under the same type of calculations shared.

You don’t use the TDP wattage number with the 80% rule. 80% is working wattage (unless your working wattage is TDP, and if gaming or editing, this may very well be true). So if your TDP is 100 watts, but your working wattage is 50 watts (up to 80w), you would need a 100 watt PSU.

I see. In the case I chain power supplies ie. 1600W + 1600W how does such setup works?
Do necessarilly both supplies have to be same wattage and how to connect them to GPU’s in this case?

I use these with the delay, but there are many options which let you have a single power supply running the Motherboard&a few GPUs/Risers as the power on trigger for add on PSUs.

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Thanks, appreicate that!

When powering GPU’s and Risers, you can use multiple PSUs, BUT each GPU and it’s Riser MUST be connected to the same PSU. So different size/watt PSU can be mixed on a rig, but not on a single GPU and it’s Riser.

And there are many ways to link the PSU’s so they all turn on at the same time, but if done manually, power on the GPU/Riser power first, before the motherboard.

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I’ve decided to go with single Dell 2400 J1CC3 power supply. Can you please tell me where I can find breakout / power pin board for it? Thanks

i have same mobo with 12 rx580. Psu´s are 1350W + 850w. Metered wattage from the wall and
check´d that it fall into 80% rule…its hard to say from these amds in advance how much they gonna consume…some take like 73w and others 95w (driver) so with 12 gpus there can be quit a big difference in consumption based what cards u are using…i have “all” different brands. Dosnt really answer your question here…just started repply when i saw same amount of cards and same mobo…LOL

You don’t utilize the TDP wattage number with the 80% rule. 80% is working wattage (except if your functioning wattage is TDP, and assuming gaming or altering, this may possibly be valid). So assuming your TDP is 100 watts, yet your functioning wattage is 50 watts (up to 80w), you would require a 100 watt PSU.

The number of folks now trying to Dual Mine and getting stung with power issues due to poor planning are not surprising. As it was not surprising when folks wanted to add CPU mining to their rigs.

Engineering below a TDP for each level of the system is a risk, but a miner does get to choose.

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