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12 gpu amd 6600

I have an Asus mobo h110m-k and 12 amd 6600 on dual psu.
Hive start and works if I use the GPU only on one PSU, exactly 3(one GPU for each lane).
If I use dual psu hive start but my GPU Not mine.
It not recognise my GPUs. I use a splitter 1pci to 6 without power supply on it
On hive start paper error unable to set MC memtype for the aperture base
I’m thinking the pci splitter is not good or some settings.
On bios I enabled the power supply to pci express.
I mined with 3 GPU for over a year, so is something to the pci adapter.

Running the recommended settings? Motherboard setup

Update. Right now I’m mining dynexsolve with bzminer 19.2.1 but I haven’t share accepted, only rejected or stale. Tried deepminerz and herominers.