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11gpu rig sometimes boots with less gpu

I have a Asrock H110 PRO BTC+ along with 11gpu (8x580 + 3x1070) and 3 750w psu. I had a problem with my first mobo that ended up just recognizing 6gpu (black slots, no white slots recognizing), so I got a new mobo and it works way better.

Even so, sometimes when the rig reboots it recognizes only 10gpu. A single reboot usually solves this problem and boots up again with 11gpu.

But I’m wondering what causes this… Maybe a config on the bios I’ve not made? Any clues?


I think its your multiple psu s. i have 2 of these boards. check your pwer distripution and how psu s boot up… are they online allways at the same time… might be good to put as many risers as possible from 2… Just stripped my rig with 11gpus with h110. My issue was not enough amps to some of the cards at boot and they didnt made it in time or didnt started at all. now with less gpus those issues are gone. how have u rigged your psus together? u do know that they need to share common ground from the wall? h110 is a bit of a pain boot up, but now with enough Wattage its working just fine. naturally check your risers and pci connector. if the one that is not bootinh up i s allways the same and its connected to white slot, put it to black, they have a bit more amps on them, allso optimizing vdd on all might help.

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