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10x Vega 56 PSU Question (Power distribution)

Yo peepz,

im running a 6x Vega 56 on Asus B250 MB via Hive OS.
I use 2x 1000W Gold Be Quieit Straight Power 11 PSUs and my power consumption with all running is around 750W. All good and running stable, also since its easy to connect 3 Psus to the Asus mb.

Was thinking to add another 5 Cards. The PSUs still have enough “free power”. My question now:

The PSU each has 3x 12 PIN Connectors from which a 2x 6+2 PIN is used for powering each GPU. But still has also some free 10 PIN outs.

Is it possible to split these 2x 6+2 PIN to 4x 6+2 PIN ? I dont see any other way to connect the other GPUs to the PSUs.

Thanks in advance.

Hope ur all well.

yes of course is it possible to split the PIN you have to try

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