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1080ti not working

Hey everyone, I purchased a 1080ti in mint condition, and its not mining at all.
Here is what I have tried:

  • Tried mining right away on RVN with my rig, Mix of 3060, 570 cards. The rig would shut down and would get a driver error.

  • I then tried switching miners, and updating drivers but I got a error every time I tried to updated the driver. Switching miners did not work ether. When loading Hiveos, it would just freeze up or shut down.

  • I then loaded windows up with only the 1080ti card, in the main slot. I then proceeded to download the newest updated drivers right from the Nvidia website, which successfully updated. I then tried to mine with the 1080ti card right from the main slot, with no success. The miner froze up, even when switching miners.

  • I even tried switching my flight sheet to ETH, with no success.

I just paid good money for this card, I am pretty disappointed, any advise would be great. Thank you very much in advanced.

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