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1080Ti Issue I need help Please


i got a problem with my MSI 1080TI i have total 3 of them for some reason i have tried many OC setting, but nothing is going over 43MHS

my also problem is the fan is always yellow which worries me if someone can help would be really great

dude find in internet absolute values for OC.
fan is yellow because its speed is over 65%, if you go higher than 70 or more it will turn red.

whats absolute value will do ?

yellow is ok or no ?

these colors are just warnings that the fan works at high speed. i have seen dudes run them at 100% dont know how often they repair them or if they need to repair them. absolute clocks are working better.

only core gives you the absolute what about Memory what should i put ?

Memory clock also can use absolute values but you need to find the oc settings in internet. I dont know them for this card.

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