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1080Ti How to absolute core clock?

Hi I have 6 gpu 1080ti so I found the greatest setting for absolute core clock and I just in T-rex miner and ethermine pool

Thanks! :grin:

I have been using 150 core and -200 mem @ 200pwr for 48.5mh per card

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you could be getting almost 10mh per card extra

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I tried just 47mh for Aorus 1080ti

Thanks bro! :heart_eyes:

For 5 min that error :weary: :weary:

-200 should be your sweet spot for the memory, should not go much lower than that. You want you memory at 4900 and -200 seems to be it. if you change anything, change the core 150 is stable for me…

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also instead of the EthPill, try using trex and the mt option. I have mine set at 4 without the EthPill. I hear it is actually a better memory option as well

If you about Lock Core Clock featute then it doesn’t work on Pascal and earlier GPUs

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
So sad

did you try setting all the cards, and using the mt tweat instead of eth pill

Yes I tried setting all card done but some card that erorr which high OC
I am going to find the best setting for them

hei @Tbankston i got my 4x 1080ti msi, but i can’t get more then 47 MH… are you still getting 48 MH? This are my setting with enabled EthPill

@seba, just and advise, dont push your cards that much - i see fans are 100% - if you want to have them for a longer period of time - be gentle - lower the power and core, you will lose few mh - but you will have longer running card :slight_smile:

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@IchoBMW thanks for the advice, I am pushing them right now to see how much I can get. In the future, I am planing to move my rig into a cold room, and put some extra fans (10 v fans), so I can lower my graphics fans to 75% and still get my cards under 60 Celsius. I will probably go around 250 MH.

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