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1080ti Fan Control

I’m quite new to HiveOS. I’ve got a very small rig (2x 1080ti and 1x 1080) that I’m playing around with. I am having problems getting my ti’s to respond to fan settings. I’ve tried using the AutoFan setting as well as the setting in OC. The 1080 responds and is working as requested in both AutoFan and OC but no joy for the ti’s. Any thoughts or advice on what I can do? Thankfully they are all hybrids and my temps are relatively good… max of 75c - I just would like to push the fans a bit more.

Thank you for the help in advance!

Ok… so my best understanding is this is a problem related to EVGA and their XOC. My ti’s are EVGA and the 1080 is an Nvidia Founders Edition that I added a hybrid block to.

Apparently EVGA has not and will not be supporting drivers for Linux. Does anyone know of any way to fix this?

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Unfortunately, I don’t speak Russian. Can you tell me if it’s possible to get EVGA fans on 1080ti to work in HiveOS? I’ve searched a bit and can’t seem to find anyone who was able to get them to work.

Use google translator using google browser, it will help you very well.

Yes, but often their translation, of course, is tempting))))