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1080 Ti Max HR 35.89MHz

I’ve read 1080 Ti can reach 45 MH/s. After days of fiddling, I got up to stable 35.89 MH/s using NBMiner without crashing it. If I turn on the Pill, I can get it up to 38.02 MH/s, but it crashes frequently. Is this about it for Asus card?

Better use memory tweaks built in miners instead of Nvidia pill.
According to you screenshot you can use memory tweaks / Nvidia pill but if your GPU crush constantly then than try reduce memory clock by 25 or 50MHz step until it will be stable.
For NBminer memory tweaks can be enabled by adding to extra config option in miner settings

"mt": "value"

where value from 0 to 6, 0 - disable, 1-6 tweak agressivity (6 - highest), so will be good start with 3 or 4 .
you can also set it for each card individually

"mt": "value0, value1"

I will try adjusting RAM clock while Pill is on, and also within NBMiner. Thanks.

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