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1080 ti FE 40.5MH at 189W, any help?

Hi there, its a pleasure to be writting here for my first time. Im barely new here, and in mining in general, but i just finished installing hive os on my rigs, and found out about this forum showing me way better hashrates for some graphics cards, so after looking around for a fair bit, i’ve decided to put my ego aside and ask for help in the place where apparently everyone knows what they are talking about.
im using gminer to mine eth on this card:

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11178 MB · ASUS
Micron GDDR5X · · PL 125 W, 250 W, 300 W

this is the graphics card that i need help with

=== GPU 1, 03:00.0 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11178 MB ===
Bios, PCIE Link Gen 3, PCIE Link Width 1x
S/N -, UUID GPU-b4df9205-9f1a-7417-1447-0d2c98c743dd
Power Limit: Min 125.0 W, Default 250.0 W, Max 300.0 W, Current 190.0 W
Frequency: GFXCore 1847 MHz, MEMCore 5602 MHz
Memory: Total 11178 MB, Used 4790 MB, Free 6388 MB, Micron GDDR5X
Utilization: GPU 100 %, MEM 83 %
PSTATE P2, PWR 189.8 W, Temp 64 °C, Fan 100 %, RPM 4794 (100 %)

all im looking for is the best efficiency possible and like the title said, im doing 40.5 MH at 189W…
i know every card is unique but is there anything i can do to improve?
thanks in advance and best regards

Did you find any solution ?

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