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1070 ti .. FAN speed to high

Can please someone tell me why the Zotac 1070 ti mini coolers run so hard , i would like the temperature of the gpu go higher and coolers to run lower . All my other GPU`s are on auto FAN and work fine . I need help .

Try to remove auto fun and fixed value (60%) at oc settings… does fix the problem or not?

Hi there,
autofan is off , i tried move the GPU on the motherboard , same thing .

Remove the PL settings and try again…Abefora apply any changes to rig always stop miner aplly and then restart…!!!

OK i try now

at the right of every card you se a clock… push and remove value at PL settings (leave it empty) then apply with save…

i did that , set all to 0 0 0 0 fan core mem pl … restarted rig … it booted and same thing : coolers at 68%. i also took a PNY card from an other miner and i know the PNY needs coolers at 45% to keep it cooler … pny works fine coolers take my comands … this zotac is crazy … i bought it few days ago never had an zotac mini …
i own pny , asus , evga , msi all work with the coolers on 0 on auto except pny wich works but i want it to stay at a lower temperature so i use the coolers on 45% … should i reinstall the hiveos software on the memory stick again and boot it a new ?

you can try out if this fix the problem… 20 minutes work! latest stable image !!!

i installed new copy of hive … just started miner and the coolers go on 67% directly … any idea ?
When i set up coolers 70% 80% 90% 100% it takes my command and set coolers to speed i set up .
When i put 60% 50% 40% 30% etc … coolers will stay at 68%

this is the default bios settings at this cards… i thing so… if you remove any fan control the cards stil has some fan feature from bios to do fan control… otherwise your card may brick from heat!!!

Cant bios be changed for this card ? will a bios work from the MSI card ?

i dont know about that…

damn … i will never buy an Zotac 1070ti Mini again… it mines well but i dont like fans are to high and temperature to low … i appreciate your help …
if someone else have an idea what to try next