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1060 6GB Hashrates

Hey guys, looking to buy some used 1060 cards - what hashrates and settings are yall seeing?

I am googling and seeing from 20-25 MH/s.

Anyone have HiveOS example they can screenshot?

Thanks for support

A lot of info here, hashing rate depends on memory manufacturer.

Hey, @jon-dillinger

what miner are you using?
i am running 2 1060s with OC like yours and only getting 22-23 MH/s.

im using nbminer and ethermine pool

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Sharing my hashrates

This is my setup on NBminer with memory tweak 6

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Hi everyone. Can you help me? I did every config post here. My GPU stay between 13-18Mh/s don’t matter what overclock I made. I bought one RTX 3060 today and happens the same: lower hash rate doesn’t matter what OC I made


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The low hashrate you are experiencing is because your card has Micron video memory. I had a GTX 1060 with the same memory and I sold it.

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did you buy the 3060 new? if not, you might need to replace the thermal pads on it, they tend to malfunction alot.

did you utilize a dummy hdmi plug? If not, get yourself an HDMI Dummy plug to unlock the full hashing power of the card (Nvidia locks it )

Regarding the 1060, can you state if you got it new as well? some used GPUs tend to be abused and damaged by excessive OC.

good luck!

Mining ethash in ethermine. Tried Phoenixminer, Ethminer and T-Rex, but all giving similar results. Changing anything else in OC settings doesn’t provide any better results.

Any advice on how to get it up to 23-25 would be appreciated.

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