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102°C / 98°C MEM Temp

Hi, I’m getting this temperatures in my two 3070ti, what would be the ideal temperature and any recommendations on my overclock settings? (I’m also new to mining so feel free to make any suggestions)

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Hello there

we have the same problem, is it normal to have 88 degrees, do you think?

You’re posting about having high temps, but you have the fans manually set at 50%, why? If you’re not when the ac is on low do you not turn it to high?

You’re on an old hive image, you should flash the latest stable image first.

Switch all of your core values to locked core clocks instead of the negative core offsets. The goal is to find the lowest locked core clock (values above 500 are treated as locked core clocks) that maintains full hashrate.

hello, i don’t understand, can you give clear figures?

My reply was to the original poster, but should apply to all modern gpus.

Can you post another screenshot of your worker overview screen? Your pic won’t load

Hi GPU information as below

Turn your fan speed up if you want lower temps

80% working :slight_smile: I’m afraid it will fly if it is higher than that :slight_smile:

You can run fans at 100% for a long time safely :slight_smile:

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