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100% unlock LHR NBMiner

The hashrate on my 3060LHR jumped from 38MH/s to 48MH/s!
I am very impressed. Not enough to buy more cards, as the ROI is still 8 months.

ETA: jumped my OC up to 1605/2900/140
My card has Hynix memory, so not sure it will like this setting. Up to 50 now.

Did you install the newest driver? 510.60.02

yes… now i’m trying the new version v41.1

the code to update to version 41.1 (beta)

cd /tmp && wget && tar -xvf NBMiner_41.1_Linux.tgz && cd NBMiner_Linux && miner stop && cp nbminer /hive/miners/nbminer/40.1 && miner start

There are 41.3 : GitHub - NebuTech/NBMiner: GPU Miner for ETH, RVN, BEAM, CFX, ZIL, AE, ERGO and for now is working gooood :slight_smile:

cd /tmp
tar -xvf NBMiner_41.3_Linux.tgz
cd NBMiner_Linux
miner stop
cp nbminer /hive/miners/nbminer/40.1
miner start

hi all,

my setting like below but is seems LHR not unlock . How can i increase hash rate with unlock LHR. But not overclock ( with OC not stable )

my miner is: nbminer v.41.3

use fixed core and mem for oc settings, try 1200 for core and 2400 for mem
Use the latest NBminer, version 41.3

Reduce your memory temperature

Having a try on the new trex version 0.26.1

Yes. Just watch your overclock settings as they can vary a bit from Miner to Miner

how you do that?

miner stop ; killall -9 t-rex ; cd /tmp ; rm t-rex*.tar.gz* ; wget && tar -xvf t-rex-0.26.1-linux.tar.gz && cp /tmp/t-rex /hive/miners/t-rex/0.25.15/ && miner start

Thank you!

I’d try to increase the power or try trex

yes with 150W is same

Thank you

can someone guide me