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100% LHR unlock 3080 ti and 3060 ti oc settings help! :)

Hi Miners! Would anyone have a good idea how I could make my cards faster? 3080 ti suprim x type 3 pieces. 1 piece 3080 ti gaming x type! And the 3 3060 Ti are gaming x! I welcome all help and ideas!

use the min/max core/mem method
start from scratch:
step 1) find the highes tstable mem clock
step 2) find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate (values above 500 are treated as locked core clocks)

*dont use core offsets for anything newer than 10 series
*you dont need a power limit as the card will use as much power as it needs with proper clocks.

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so i start with the core but where do i start with it? -400 or -200? and how do i know which is better?

for now I set 1 card, I set it to core 0 and my performance remains the same. Should I start increasing Mem now?

dont use any offsets, aka negative values, and values 499 or less. 0 core is letting the card boost up to ~1600mhz or so, which is way overkill. if you hover over the core clock info button it shows this popup

find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate.

and why does it happen that I reduced the mem to 1900 but my performance is still the same, when I started to increase it to 2300-2400 then my performance decreased!

Are you restarting the miner after any changes?

I didn’t restart! Need to go again?

if i restart nothing changes! I’m here right now! if i write less the mem signal then i lose performance but how can i increase it even more?

You’re still running 0 on the core. Find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate. 0 core is way more core than needed.

Hi! What it is the second Temps? Is it normal? I have tried to increase my hashrate and i’m a bit worried about the red temp.

Memory temp. Looks like you need to finish setting your overclocks as you have no core clock applied. If the temps are higher than you want, increase your fan speed.

Which is the safe memory temp for 3080ti lhr? 102-105c it’s ok?

Under 90c is optimal, throttling happens at 110c. I would look at upgrading pads for best results. I do have some 3080s that have ran for over a year with low 100c temps without issue for what it’s worth, but I wouldn’t recommend others to do the same.

Thank you very much for the help. I’ll try to keep them under 92c.

Please help. I have a new rig with 9 MSI 3080 LHR 10GB Gaming Z Trio. Unfortunately they only run at a little over 80 Mhs. I tried NB Miner LoL Miner and T-Rex.

Hey mate, try these settings
Core 1095
Mem 2100
Pl 380

Thank you FatDick. Unfortunately that doesn’t work either. it looks like the LHR is still active.

Hey mate if the LHR was active you would only be getting 50-60 mh.
As your getting above 80 they might be throttling.
Open up hive shell and run command
nvtool --throttle

That will tell you each card status

Try settings
Core 1125
Mem 2400
P/L 380

Sorry them settings i gave you before were for my 3080tis