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$10 000 USD HeroMiners Iron Fish (IRON) airdrop and 0% pool fee, fee-free mining. We doubled it and gave it to the next person

Dear Miners,

We wish to inform you that to celebrate the launch of our Iron Fish (IRON) mining pool, we’ll airdrop $10 000 USD total to 35 different HeroMiners Iron Fish miners. The airdrop levels are as follows:

  1. $1000 to 5 miners,
  2. $500 to 5 miners,
  3. $100 to 25 miners.

There are no hashrate requirements or restrictions, everyone is equal here.

To participate, all you need to do is to mine in the Iron Fish (IRON) HeroMiners pool. You don’t need to register.

Any address can enter up to 7 times, as there will be 7 snapshots of actively mining addresses made at the pool at undisclosed dates, therefore the earlier one enters, the more chances they get. When 6 snapshots are made, an announcement will be made, stating that there’s still 1 snapshot left. It’s disallowed to enter the giveaway with multiple addresses and anyone who violates this rule will be removed from the giveaway with a notice. The amount will be converted at the time of payment to IRON and paid out in crypto.

The first 2 snapshots will be taken by April 20th, specifically for testnet miners. The last 5 snapshots will be taken at regular intervals from April 20th to May 20th.

$10 000 USD worth of IRON will be purchased and distributed to miners on the final day — or later, as soon as IRON is available at the exchanges and the price has stabilized.

Now hang on, because we’re going off the rails. Mining at HeroMiners Iron Fish pool & solo will be completely fee-free until May 20th. No reward fees, no payout fees, no any kind of fees.

All communications will be handled at HeroMiners Discord and Telegram.

Good luck and happy mining!

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