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1 to 4 PCIE extender and M2 to PCI boards

Hi at all, thanks for your help with my previous issues.
Does anyone know if there is a limitation if you use m2 to PCI adapters and one of those 1 to 4 PCI riser extenders on an regular PCI slot?
And is it possible to use multible 1 to 4 PCI riser extenders?
I got some issue if i use both m2 to PCI adapter and the 1 to 4 extender.

I use a ASUS Z490-P 10 GPU work without a problem with on m2 → PCI adapter and with the 1 to 4 PCI riser extender.
8 GPU with both m2 slots worked aswell(without the 1 to 4). But I have more cards that i could use.
Just wanted to know if anyone got a smart solution here, I couldn’t figure it out.
ten cards setup:

I use a wild mix of different cards

I am looking for information on 1 to 4 pci adapters.
Did it work well on Hiveos?

Greets :wave:

I got issues with my mobo(Asus Z490-P) can’t use more than 10 cards.
I know people who are using it without issues, it looks like there are two different ic’s out there acting different. I got this one “MZHOU PCIe 1 to 4 PCI-Express”.
I don’t think its a OS issue looks more like a hardware issue or a driver issue to me:
If anyone got more infos, I would appreciate it if you share your knowledge.

How come your picture doesnt show hashrate next to temp? Those temps are so low very nice.

because the miner was not able to start with those cards, i used phoenixminer + trex

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