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1 to 4 PCI-E Splitter/Adapter

I have a Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 motherboard , which only has 4 PCI-E ports for GPU’s. I was trying to use one of those 1 to 4 splitters but when I added it and connected 4 GPU to it, my system never comes online. As soon as I remove it everything works fine. Is there something I’m missing? I thought it was kinda just plug and play from what I’ve read. Anyone have any advice?

I had one of these, once. In fact, i still have it. On my Gigabyte H110 it would sometimes work, sometimes not work. Sometimes it only reported 3 (out of 4 GPUs connected), sometimes the MB would not POST, sometimes i would boot fine (with 4 out of 4 GPUs connected working). To be honest, it’s not the most reliable piece of technology, that’s why it’s not industry standard.

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