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1 Server PSU keeps having Breakout board die every couple months?

Hello all!
I have a mystery on my hands, I have 1 power supply that every 2-3 months the breakout board dies on.

Its my only mixed rig, my NVidia rig has been running strong with no issues.

When it dies I swap out the breakout board and its back up and no issues till the next one dies.
Unplugging letting it set, only plugging the breakout board in (nothing connected to it) and hitting the power button will not bring the breakoutboard online / power up (trying to see if it resets)

It’s a dell server psu, only pulling about 400 watts.
It powers the cards and the risers, I have the risers powered on the same line of the breakout board as the card is on (was told to keep them on the same circuit?)

I’ve attached a picture. The cards are highlighted, the ones with the red dots are on their own line taking of up 3 of the 4 possible connections in that row. The blue ones are on the same row taking up all 4 of that line.

Any thoughts or suggestions?