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1 rx 580 8gb running with 120 MH on eth

hello please help, yesterday i got home after a night out at 5;50am in the morning, and usually when im not home im turning my rigs fans a lil bit higher, like 10% higher. So naturally when i get home i turn all of them down( i got 3 x rx 580 8gb at the moment). When i woke up in the morning i found out something i didn’t know how to feel abt. one of the cards had been running with 120mh from 5;55am until 9;40 am. Card was running just fine till now, but for an hour now, card just doesn’t wanna mine(just stays turned on sleeping). Additionally, if i try to turn off the card(knowing it mines 0 hashes i might as well save 50watts), it just turns on by itself ? While writing this card started mining with 31 mh by itself. Help me out here im really new to this and it started being overwhelming pretty fast, and i was planning on gettting a rig full of 8 of those cards

It appears its not stable. What are your OC settings for these cards. Usually it goes to 0 mhs and 50 watts when it crashes due to bad OC settings.

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