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1 of 8 GPUs not working

I have 8 cards on my rig and all show up on the hiveos overview tab yet one of them isn’t showing up in the stats section. When I run the miner command it only shows 7 of the 8. I was wondering what my best approach at troubleshooting this was? The card is running and fans are moving but its hash is not contributing, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Check razers and power at this card, you can simply find it it’s cold all another will be hot.

I use sata power cables for my risers and occassionally I will have this happen. I immediately begin checking all of my power cables. Invariably I will find one has burnt up and thus the problem is the riser is not receiving power. One of these days I will convert my rig over to using a different mechanism for powering the risers but for now I have a raspberry pi that watches for this and shuts the power off to each of my rigs when it sees a card disappear.

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