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1+ kH/s less on Hive vs regular desktop distro mining Zeph

I’ve been testing HiveOS on my dual e5-2620 Xeon rig.
I consistently get 1+ kH/s less with HiveOS vs LMDE and lubuntu.
To check that this isn’t just a flight sheet / tuning error I ran the same binary and shell script as root on Hive and lubuntu and the results were pretty much the same as running a flight sheet through HiveOS.
I’m guessing this is HiveOS config or kernel version issue, any suggestions of where to look to bring HiveOS up to par with what I’m seeing in lubuntu?

Just fired up hiveos-0.6-225-beta@240131 and am now getting a significant improvement, only 250 H/s less than running lubuntu. Good enough for me for now, but will be keeping an eye out for new betas.

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You must ensure that the driver for your hardware component especially with the graphic card and other mining software is installed properly and used with HiveOS.