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1 GPU was making more than 2 GPU's

I had 1 XFX R9 390 running and was making about $2.50 a day. Installed a second XFX R9 390 GPU and now making $1.77. The hashrate doubled. Any ideas why this would happen? Thanks in advance.

The “Expected earnings /day” value is just an estimate. Wait like 4-6 hours and check it again. It should go up.

It’s also possible the pool payout has been dropped in the last 24 hours. My estimated earnings dropped on my 330Mh/s farm today for some reason. I went from 0.12 ETH per week estimated to .07 ETH per week with no hashrate change.

If it doesn’t go back to normal, I might consider moving my farm to a different pool!

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Appreciate the advice. It went up to $2.80 a day. Will try another pool. Thanks.

After some digging, it seems that we are all screwed. The difficulty for Ethereum went up yesterday…

I checked the Ethereum profitability calculator on Friday for a buddy of mine, and the profit on Friday for 80Mh/s dropped from $250 a month to $159



So it doesn’t matter which pool you use… We are all making about 40% less money/ETH now.

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Wow that’s crazy. Should we start mining a different coin?

Not sure… “Whattomine” still shows ETH as the most profitable… Unfortunately the site doesn’t have the Hawaii cards (R9 290/390, S9xxx, W9xxx) as a choice to calculate the best coin, but using the RX480 as a guide, ETH is still the best for AMD cards.

Nvidia cards have a couple choices we (AMD users) do not, like Ravencoin, that offer competitive profitability when mined on their silicon.

So for now, we’re stuck losing 40% profit.

Maybe now that the difficulty has gone up, ETH will climb past the $2500 barrier and we can still make good profits at the same hashrate.

Or maybe not…:roll_eyes:


Appreciate the feedback. What hashrate are you getting on your GPU’s? This is what I am getting on mine. I’ve seen some get 29mh.

I am using Firepro S9150 cards which I’ve flashed with custom firmware edited using Hawaii BIOS Editor.

The S9150 is basically a 16GB R9 290X with no cooling fan (requires forced air cooling).

I’ve decided to run pretty conservative settings and I’m getting 25.9MH/s per card with 900 core and 1000 mem at 1000mV. Each card pulls 170 watts at those settings (from the wall) with HiveOS reporting about 90-94watts.

I was running them at a higher hashrate but the power consumption was higher (28.6MHs at 200w) and they were harder to cool.

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Mine aren’t even running 100%. May need to flash my firmware on the GPU’s.

The 100% indicator is for the fan speed, not GPU load. None of my cards have onboard fans, so they show 100% all the time.

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Oh ok. I thought they were GPU loads.

I’m not sure if you need a bios mod… I’m forced to mod my bioses because the Firepro cards are locked… No clock or voltage controls in linux or windows.

Your numbers seem pretty low… Not sure why. Try dropping your memory clocks to 1000.

If you decide to mod your bios, use Hawaii BIOS Reader and be careful.

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If you’d like, I can mod your BIOSes and you can see if that will boost your hashrate.

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I’ve changed some overclock settings and got it up to 28.25mh/s.

Good work!!

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the difficulty goes up everyday not just 1 day we are averaging about 100 TH of hashrate each month spiking the difficulty up at the same rate. Also Berlin changed the gas fees so the blocks have been smaller and 1559 is soon and it will get less again. Also heres a video I did on what other coins could look like after eth merges to POS.

e’rything I do I dump into Nicehash, and it is paying MORE each week. XMR/32-core threadripper, Gminer 80Mhash in ETH, and my Mining Box that is doing Octopussy. In fact, I might just name that mining box Octopussy.

But I’m getting about 1.2 cents per megahash per day on Ethereum.

So now I have another issue. I got my rig frame in and connected both gpu’s with riser to the motherboard. starting up hiveos, it will only see 1 gpu. I swapped them back and forth and it will only see 1. Also tried another riser with the same results. Then it would keep restarting itself saying phoenixminer reboot. Any help is appreciated.

Have you tried Gminer instead?

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I’ve tried all the hiveos pools. Some others didn’t work and some only had 3 mh. Went back to NiceHash and it would say gpu hung up