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0% fan reported randomly


Sometimes I randomly get 0% fan speeed on RTX 3080 TUF, but the fans keep spining. It seems like some kind of sensor that cant read fan speed properly.

Already changed risers. Still happens.

I have to reboot OS to fix it.

Any ideas?

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Hi man,
I wrote the same topic while ago and nobody responded as probably didn’t have the same issue. But I am glad I can share my experience with you and how it worked out for me.
After one reboot my fan on one of my 3080 Gigabytes just was reading 0% fan. Even though I could set the fan speed successfully.
After one week of working like this without issues, after one of the reboots issue was gone without eve noticing. Do not have to do anything just be patient, it seems like a Hiveos bug, nothing to do with risers and the cards, and believe I tried everything :slight_smile:
I know this is bad to see, but it will do no harm to your miner. Patience my friend


I am having the same issue on 2 of my 4 rtx 3060 ti’s. The are all the exact same card and no problems on my 4 3070’s either. Looking at the fan speed history it looks to go on and off frequently, but maintains temp and hash rates so seems the reporting is incorrect.

I have been getting this for over a week with one of my 3090FE’s, it shows ok after each restart but disappears soon after… fan/card is otherwise working fine.

No idea whats causing it

The worst thing is HiveOs Developers are not even looking at this forum and checking issues that we reported.


The devs reply was that our issue is with the controller in the GPUs, not reporting correctly. Hive is supposedly reading what’s in there.

With my rig, the issues I’ve had were with two 3090 FE, one of them crashing the miner when the RPM went to 0. The hashrate would then stay flat 0 for hours. Physically, the fans are still running. The one that doesn’t crash the miner, has a good temperature control - with 0 RPM displayed. I’ve also had issues with MSI 3070 when the OCs are a bit too harsh. Once reduced, and if lucky to find a balance, the RPMs would still be there, sometimes for a whole day. The only solution found was to switch on the watchdog and then automatically operate a reboot if hashrate drops under a certain limit.

I’ve got the rig under the AC, the temperature never goes beyond 52 (on core) while the min. reported on FE was 44 oC. Have got the thermal pads replaced (the original are a joke, …leaking, with dried cpu paste - full of air bubble in all the FEs). But still, after the upgrade, same errors.

It can’t be in an issue with half of the FEs out there. As said, I’ve also had it in MSI 3070 and in 3060s. Changed the risers to v9, power supplies, breakers… pretty much everything I could think of.

It’s annoying and I’m kind of giving up on it. :slight_smile:



Just get same problem 3080 already 2 days, just one gpu have this problem, i try to clear the OC for that GPU, anyone have same problem?


Use t-rex miner! for nvidia

Phoenixminer sucks…

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Well, in my case 0% fan speed is a blessing. My RTX 3060 just works at full speed on Ethash if the fan speed goes 0%. If the system reboots I have to start 3060 mining on Autolykos first for a couple of minutes while the rest of GPU mining ETH until the 3060’s fan falls down to 0%. Right on 0% position I change flightsheet to mine only ETH, and amazingly 3060 limiter failed to kicked in but locked on full speed. :rofl:

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I am having the same issue - specifically on one 3060 MSI. I have changed risers, power cables, PCIe connection location and still does it. It is running hotter than others I have, should I look at updating the thermal pads?

Started getting same problem with my EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB XC3 ULTRA. The fan is spinning but in HiveOS it says 0% and T-Rex miner doesn’t display the fan on that GPU.
Extra: In Both HiveOS and T-Rex miner the Watts are wrong too. Does anyone know what the problem is?

T-Rex Miner: (As a new member of this forum, I can only post 1 screenshot here.)

After restarting the Rig 4 times, it started to work again. I stopped the miner then restarted the rig 4x. Hopefully everyone who got this problem gets resolved by this easy fix.

Would any of you that experienced the 0% fan issue be able to share your riser information, ie Make/model? Maybe even a screenshot of the order or a pic of the card?

I’m actually trying to figure out a way to exploit this bug to get my 3060’s up to full hashrate as reported by a user in this thread:
3060 with risers : What to mine? - Nvidia Cards - Hive OS Forum


I ’ ve got exaclly the same problem. My one card RTX3060 MSI is hotter then others I have. Try to change location card in your RIG. I dont know why but GPU temperature is changing depands of the card location in RIG.

I don’t think the riser matters. I am having the glitch on a 3060 which is mounted directly on an old PCIe 2.0 motherboard. No riser used whatsoever.

I am skeptical on updating to the latest HiveOS version though, as it apparently fixes this “bug”… hmm…

RTX3070 is reporting normally most of the time, but dips into 0%.

Could it be a driver issue? I think im on the latest.

I’m having the same issue on my 3070 cards. I have tried OS version 0.6-203 and 0.6-204 . Both have the same issues. I have 7 GPU in my rig.

I have tried Nvidia drivers 465.31 and have gone back to 460.84 which the nvidia-drvier-update --list states is the stable version.

I am using Trex miner and mining Eth.

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Hello. I have the same issue after updated HiveOs… And changed my oc settings.

The “0%” issue dissaper after i changed the Oc serrings to lower.

I have the same issue on my 3070, tried different nvidia driver and hiveos versions. Nothing helps.

Are you running from a USB or SSD? I migrated to SSD and it appeared to solve my problem