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$0 balance?

I’m a noob miner and I have 4 GPU’s set up. My profile says my worker is working well and I am mining ETC at 107MH/s. I’ve left this on for almost 11 hours now and I don’t see any balance in my account. Or am I not suppose to see a balance there? I have my ETC wallet set up in my profile linked to the worker and Ethminer pool. Where can I see how much I mined and how much I gained so far? I know something like Honeyminer showed me how much I am mining per day and what is my current balance thus far.

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You can see your balance in the pool where you are mining. Got to<Insert_here_your_ETC_address>/dashboard There you can also setup payout treshold for automatic transfers to your wallet.

Balance in HiveOS is for when you have more than 3 rigs - then you have to start paying for using HiveOS.

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Hi! I got almost the same problem. but my pool is . my RIG is on for almost 9hours and it is working very well. but my balance is 0. and I dont know how to see mt balance in pool.