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0.6-217-stable AMD driver downgrade

I noticed that in latest stable release AMD drivers were downgraded compared to previous version that was pulled from the site:

0.6-217 → AMD v21.40.1 (Release Date : 11/10/21)

0.6-216 → AMD v21.50.2 ( Release Date : 03/7/2022)

Any reason for that change? Any compatibility issues with older GPUs?

According to AMD, BC-250 card needs drivers 21.50 or newer, so basically is possible it won’t work properly

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I upgrade my rig to 06.217, but my driver version still 20.40(5.11.1001)

what happened anybody knows?

You have to upgrade with hive-replace command, you cannot upgrade AMD drivers if you don’t reflash the whole image.

I’m testing both drivers with same hardware, it seems that hashrate is a little more stable with 21.40.1 but also lower compared to 21.50.2, at least with extreme power saving settings. I need extended testing but maybe drivers were downgraded for this reason, anyway at the end very small differences


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