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0.6-206@210722 update, Still reduced hashrate with Radeon VII

With the 0.6-206@210722 update, the changelog states that the reduced performance issue with the Radeon VII cards has been resolved. A problem that began with 0.6-204. Because of that I stayed on 0.6-203 for my R7 rig.

However, the reduced hashrate issue is still present with the newest update, contrary to what the changelog says.

On 0.6-203, my R7 would produce 108.1MH/s. However after upgrading to the 0.6-206, which supposedly fixed the lowered hashing performance, I am getting only 106.8MH/s. Same OC settings, nothing changed at all besides the HiveOS version upgrade.

I will once again be downgrading to 0.6-203 for now.

This issue has not been solved, HiveOS developers: would you be so kind so look further into this problem?

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