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0.6-196+ teamredminer stuck on GPU 3 init

Since I updated to 0.6-196 / 197 / 198
My miner stopped working the init of GPU 3 hang.
Moving back to 0.6-195 fix the issues… Any ideas what’s going on ?


I switched from beta image to stable and i’m getting the issue u describe.
Using hive-replace --list , I don’t have the 195, can I force it manually ?

Edit: OK did it with selfupgrade. I dont why but on 190 I was like loosing 3 Mhs on my Vega. And got GPU Dead. It was rockstable before. Now on 195 it seems working again.

Edit2: I confirm I was on 195 running the Beta image. So it confirms it’s the stable one ATM


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