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0.1ETH unaccalimed

Excuse me, my mining machine has reached 0.1 ETH, but I still haven’t entered my wallet after 3 days. Can you help me answer it, thank you

same to me, my rig reached 0.26 ETH but still not payout, I’ve been waiting for 3 days.

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Same Happened to me. I have reached my threshold payout a week ago and I have not got paid out either. Although within this community I read some admins’ comment that they are waiting on the gas fee to come down. But I am not sure how long would that take.

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Aren’t payouts beeing frozen witout communication due to stratsopheric gas costs last days ?
( Up to 3300 GWEI on 7th at 21:15 GMT+2 )

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Payout for me occurred Morning of 9/6 as scheduled.

If you were at or over 0.1 on the 5th, you might want to confirm your account is NOT locked due to invalid shares, etc.

Not sure if payouts have been occurring after 9/6 because I have not hit the threshold yet.

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[quote=“Ebola57, post:4, topic:49634”]
stratsopheric gas costs

What is gas price or gas cost? Can you explain and how does this affects the payouts?

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Numerous site will explain it far better than me here

Transactions on ETH require gas to be done, like gas you put your in car tank.
Amount of gas depends of contract type. Classic transaction is 21000

GWEI is gas price. You need a variable amount of GWEi to get your order passed.

At panic moment GWEI can raise very high

Usual gas price is around 80 GWEI
Yesterday it raised up to 3295, which mean that a simple transaction cost around 350$ at this moment

I don’t know how the threshold on Hiveon pool are calculated, but as fees are now miner side, most pools set a threshold value, so that the order is not executed if exceeded

NFTs look also vastly responsible of the high gas price

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Thank for your help and kind comments. They are very clear.

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It turns out that it’s not just me, everyone has met, brothers thank you for your help

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